UAE Family Visa

The UAE Family Visa The process can be challenging if the correct channels and requirements are not followed, even though the prerequisites are quite straightforward. The UAE has given expats a variety of visas while taking into account the needs of each individual.  A large portion of expatriates (or the working population in the UAE) … Read more

UAE Student Visa

UAE is a nation of chances for students looking to study abroad and a thrill for those who are just interested in the world. The city skillfully combines characteristics of the east and the west thanks to its prime location in the middle. With the peace of mind from living in a city named one … Read more

UAE Work Visa

Dubai has been drawing many expatriates interested in working and living in the UAE thanks to its high living level, first-class amenities, and tax-free status. Even the lucrative Dubai Golden Visa program, which allows foreigners to invest and even run their businesses while residing in the UAE, was created by this initiative.  Before leaving your … Read more

UAE Residence Visa

A residency visa for the UAE enables visitors to stay for an extended time. The permit’s validity may range from two to three to ten years and may be extended as often as necessary. Several foreign families residing in the Emirates for several generations keep renewing their visas. In the United Arab Emirates, permanent residency … Read more

Dubai Visa for Indians

A Dubai visa is the first thing an Indian visitor to Dubai has to obtain. Using the DVPC smartphone app, Emirates Airlines passengers can apply for a UAE visa in five minutes. A Dubai tourist visa is an excellent option for an Indian visiting the UAE for leisure, such as on vacation or to see … Read more

Dubai Visa on arrival

Indeed, you have correctly interpreted the sentence. The UAE city of Dubai now offers visas upon arrival. One of the most popular tourist spots for Indians is Dubai, a city that straddles the cutting edge of modern architecture and the ancient sands of the Arabian Peninsula. UAE has leaned in this direction to increase the … Read more