Dubai Visa for Indians

A Dubai visa is the first thing an Indian visitor to Dubai has to obtain. Using the DVPC smartphone app, Emirates Airlines passengers can apply for a UAE visa in five minutes. A Dubai tourist visa is an excellent option for an Indian visiting the UAE for leisure, such as on vacation or to see family there. 

However, it would help if you first choose your visa types, such as a 48- or 96-hour visa, or a more extended visa, such as a 30- or 90-day visa. For 30 and 90 days, there are also multiple-entry visas available. For 30 and 90 days, there are also multiple-entry visas available. Indian citizens with valid passports may apply for a Dubai visa online. You will get an email with a copy of your e-visa if your application is approved. It is relatively easy to obtain a Dubai visa for an Indian.

Post-COVID-19 travel to Dubai

Indian nationals who have obtained a Dubai visa must present a COVID-19 RT-PCR report with a QR code linking to the original description for purposes of airport verification. When landing at Dubai airports, this QR code must be shown to DHA (Dubai Health Authority) staff members at check-in time. Indian nationals must present the following after receiving their online Dubai visa:

  • A COVID-19 RT-PCR test result is immediately available with a QR code for a test run at the departing airport within six hours of the scheduled departure.
  • A valid COVID-19 RT-PCR test result was conducted within 48 hours of the departure date and is shown by a certificate with a QR code. Before leaving a recognized healthcare facility, the validity of the same must be determined as of the moment the sample was taken.
  • Obtaining affordable health insurance for the entire period of the visa’s validity is advisable to cover any costs associated with the inspection, treatment, and quarantine.

After COVID-19, Indian nationals can obtain a visa for Dubai upon arrival

  • The following obligations must be met to obtain a visa-on-arrival in Dubai for a stay of up to 14 days by Indian nationals travelling to or from India through Dubai with a regular passport:
  • They have an EU or UK-issued residence permit.
  • They hold a US-issued green card or guest visa. Or

This visa must be valid for a minimum of six months and be issued by the United Kingdom, the United States, or the European Union.

Requirement for Transiting Passengers from India through Dubai

All travellers passing via Dubai from India must present a valid COVID-19 RT-PCR test certificate that has been issued within 72 hours of the sample’s collection and is negative. It must be issued by a health care provider who has been approved and includes a QR code.

Test on Arrival in Dubai for Indian citizens

The COVID-19 RT-PCR test must be repeated for visitors arriving in Dubai from India at the Dubai International Airport. You must isolate yourself by staying in a pre-arranged hotel or your home until the test results are received after taking the test at the airport. If your test is positive, you must follow the Dubai Health Authority’s regulations and enter isolation. The COVID-19-DXB Smart App would also need to be downloaded.

Dubai visa process for Indians

Indian nationals can apply for a visa to Dubai quite easily. An Electronic Travel Authorization, or ETA, granting them temporary travel privileges is required for every Indian travelling to Dubai. For an Indian to be eligible for a Dubai visa, their passport must be valid for at least six months.

A single entry, short-term tourist visa with a 30-day validity period is required if your journey to Dubai is for travel. However, before you do that, you must decide if your trip is for business, pleasure, or both. You will require a specific visa, depending on the category you select.

Online visa application for Dubai

You must first obtain an online UAE visa before making travel arrangements. One of the most straightforward processes is submitting an online visa application for Dubai. If you have your PNR number and are an Emirates passenger, you can apply for a visa to Dubai while retrieving your reservation from the airline’s website. Read the visa application form, then submit it right immediately. 

However, you must be aware of your visa type before applying for a visa to Dubai online, including whether it is a 48-hour visa, 96-hour passport, 30-day visa, 90-day visa, multi-entry short-term visa for 30 days, or multi-entry long-term access for 90 days. Documents needed for a Dubai E-Visa typically include:

  • A confirmed return flight ticket.
  • A colour scan of the first and last pages of your passport.
  • A colour copy of a passport-size photo with a white backdrop.

How to Apply for a Visa to Dubai Online

Through an OTA (Online Travel Agency) or the Dubai Visa Processing Center, you can submit an online application for a visa to enter Dubai (DVPC). You can book your airline tickets directly with Emirates and request a tourist visa for Dubai online. You must visit the airline’s website, navigate the manage booking section, enter your booking information, and select recover booking. 

Then, by choosing the option to apply for a UAE visa, you can apply for a permit to Dubai from India. Fill out your visa application and upload the necessary papers to obtain a Dubai e-visa as you continue on the Dubai application module. You must first receive approval from the Ministry of Labor to apply online for a Dubai work visa.

The straightforward 4-step process to book a Dubai visa online with an OTA entails:

  1. Getting a price from an OTA.
  1. Pay the online processing charge with a credit/debit card or an e-wallet.
  1. Online, upload all the supporting documents in your visa application through your OTA’s site.
  1. Receive an online real-time update of your Dubai visa status before receiving your e-visa to your registered email address.

You must understand the type of visa you are seeking, though, before beginning the process.

Required documentation for visa applications to Dubai

The typical paperwork needed for either a tourist or business visa for Dubai includes the following:

  • Your passport must have at least a six-month validity.
  • A visa application that has been correctly filled out and copied.
  • Two colour photos have been scanned and placed on a white backdrop.
  • A letter of introduction from the applicant detailing his trip’s purpose and duration expectations
  • She confirmed round-trip airline tickets.
  • Your IT returns come in original and photocopy forms and a photocopy of your PAN card.
  • Your investment documents are in both original and scanned copy formats. Investments in the form of FDs should total at least 5 lac.
  • A lady travelling alone who is under 24 years old needs a NOC from her father or husband.

Visa fees in Dubai

Depending on the sort of visa you are seeking, Dubai has different visa fees. According to your visa category, here is a quick look at the cost of a Dubai visa.

  • A 96-hour visa costs INR 29,82.
  • The price of a 90-day Dubai visa for Indian citizens is INR 17,564.
  • A tourist visa for Dubai costs INR 6799.
  • A 48-hour access costs 2205 INR.
  • The cost of a Dubai visa for Indian nationals who need an express tourist visa is INR 9,230.
  • A long-term pass with 90 days and numerous entries costs INR 40,200.
  • A 30-day short-term multiple-entry ticket costs INR 20,150.


How long does the visa processing for Dubai take?

A. A visa for Dubai is typically completed in 3–4 working days, though in rare circumstances, it can be finished in under 24 hours. If you need a visa quickly, you can apply for an express visa, which is processed more rapidly than a regular visa. Whether it is a 48-hour or 96-hour express visa, the Dubai Processing Fee is outstanding.

Is there any visa on arrival in Dubai?

Yes, Indian nationals can obtain a visa upon arrival in Dubai (UAE), which is suitable for 14 days. It is only valid for Indian passport holders with a current US visa, however, and it can only be extended once for an additional 14-day term.

If my passport is about to expire, can I still apply for a UAE visa?

Your passport must be at least six months valid to travel to and from the UAE. If your ticket is less than six months old, you must renew it before requesting a visa to the UAE.

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