Terminal 2


Dubai Airport Terminal 2 is a smaller terminal compared to Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, primarily serving low-cost airlines and regional carriers. It is located on the opposite side of the airport from Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, approximately 2.5 km away.


Level 1 is Arrivals level.

Level 2 is Boarding level. Services are Including 6 boarding gates, transfers desks, remote stands, boarding lounges, transfer areas, Business Class Lounge, Retail areas, Food courts.

Level 3 is Departures level. Services are Check-in counters, staff & crew counter, VIP lounges, Special Handling Services Lounges, oversized baggage, cashier desks, immigration counters, among other services.

Level 4 is Arrivals level.


  1. Shops and Restaurants: Terminal 2 has a range of shops, cafes, and restaurants available for passengers to use. These include duty-free shops selling a variety of goods such as perfumes, cosmetics, and souvenirs, as well as fast food outlets, coffee shops, and restaurants serving a range of cuisines.

  2. Currency Exchange: There are several currency exchange counters located in Terminal 2, allowing passengers to exchange their currency before or after their flight.

  3. Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal, allowing passengers to stay connected and use their devices while waiting for their flight.

  4. Prayer Rooms: There are several prayer rooms located throughout the terminal, providing a quiet and peaceful space for passengers to pray.

  5. Medical Services: Terminal 2 has a medical center located on the ground floor, providing basic medical services to passengers who may require medical attention.

  6. Baggage Services: Baggage storage and wrapping services are available at Terminal 2, allowing passengers to securely store their baggage while waiting for their flight.

  7. Special Assistance: Terminal 2 provides special assistance services for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, including wheelchair assistance and special seating arrangements.

Overall, Terminal 2 provides a range of services and facilities to ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers.


Dubai Airport Terminal 2 has limited lounge options compared to Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. However, there are still some lounges available for passengers to use. Here are some of the lounges at Dubai Airport Terminal 2:

  1. Marhaba Lounge: This lounge is available to passengers of any airline and is located in the departures area of Terminal 2. The lounge features a range of amenities, including a buffet, a bar, and shower facilities.

  2. Snooze Lounge: This lounge is located in the transit area of Terminal 2 and is available for passengers who want to rest or sleep before their next flight. The lounge offers comfortable sleeping pods and private rooms, as well as shower facilities and free Wi-Fi.

  3. Flydubai Business Class Lounge: It is located at  Terminal 2. Features are food, drinks, Wi-Fi, snacks, TV, newspapers and magazines, among others. 

These lounges provide passengers with a comfortable and relaxing space to wait for their flight, with amenities such as food and beverage service, shower facilities, and free Wi-Fi.