Dubai Airport Bus Services offer transportation for passengers and visitors between the airport and various destinations across the city. Here are some key features of the Dubai Airport Bus Services:

  1. Shuttle Bus:
    Free shuttle buses between terminals (Terminal 1 to Terminal 3) are available at Dubai Airport. There is no shuttle bus giving service in Terminal 2.  24/7  services are available. Frequency: Every 20 minutes.

    Transfer between terminals takes around 5-10 minutes.

    Bus Routes: Dubai Airport Bus Services operate several routes connecting the airport to different parts of the city. The routes cover major destinations such as hotels, shopping malls, and tourist attractions.

  2. Bus Stops: The bus stops are located outside each terminal, making it easy for passengers to access the service. There are clear signs indicating the bus stops, and the buses are easily identifiable by their distinctive red and white livery.

  3. Bus Schedule: The Dubai Airport Bus Services operate on a regular schedule, with buses departing from the airport every 20-30 minutes, depending on the route and time of day.

  4. Bus Fares: The bus fares are affordable and depend on the route and the destination. Passengers can purchase tickets from the ticket counters located at the bus stops or from vending machines located within the terminals.

  5. Feeder Bus

    Feeder Bus line F04:

    It connects Dubai International Airport with Dubai city centre from Terminal 2 Via Union MS to Deira City Center Bus Station.

    Feeder Bus line F27:

    Connects Dubai Airport Terminal 2 and DAFZA with Al Nahda Metro Station.

    Feeder Bus line F55

    Works between Dubai Airport and Ibn Battuta Metro Station every hour during the metro operational hours.

  6. Bus Fleet: The Dubai Airport Bus Services operate a fleet of modern, air-conditioned buses that are equipped with comfortable seating and luggage racks. The buses are also wheelchair accessible, with facilities available for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

  7. Real-time Information: Passengers can track the location of the buses in real-time using the RTA’s mobile app, allowing them to plan their journey more effectively and avoid unnecessary waiting.

  8. Fares

    To access to the public buses in Dubai it is compulsory to do so by the Nol Card.
    How to apply Nol Card?

    Cost: AED 5.00.

    Please note that payment by cash is not accepted.

Overall, Dubai Airport Bus Services offer a convenient, reliable, and affordable transportation option for passengers and visitors traveling to and from the airport, with a wide range of destinations covered by the routes.