Dubai Duty Free

Dubai Airport Duty Free

One of the largest airport retail companies in the world, both in terms of size and revenue, is Dubai Duty-Free. It complements Dubai’s reputation as a top shopping destination worldwide by operating on more than 40,000 sq m spanning Dubai International (DXB) and the more modern Dubai World Central (DWC), also known as Al Maktoum International.

Take advantage of the year-round promotions offered here if you are one of the millions of travellers passing through the city’s crowded terminals. When you’re waiting to board a flight or just before entering the town, you can shop from a large selection of cosmetics, handbags, leather goods, apparel, jewellery, gifts, and books.

Contact Information

Phone number: 800-4443

Email: [email protected]


Dubai Airport Duty Free Shopping

Location Dubai Duty-Free

The Dubai International Airport and the Al Maktoum International Airport have Dubai Duty Free Stores. The two airports’ combined total of 40,000 sqm of retail space dedicated to this well-liked duty-free shop provides visitors with plenty of room to browse and shop.

Head Office

Although all businesses are situated in Dubai airports, the main headquarters of Dubai Duty-Free is in Umm Ramool.

Contact the Dubai Duty-Free headquarters at +971-4-216-2453.

Raffles at Dubai Duty-Free and other things

The Millennium Millionaire raffle, introduced in 1999, is one of the best and offers ticket holders a chance to win a mind-blowing US$1 million.

The retailer also oversees an established leisure division that includes The Irish Village, a well-known dining destination, the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, and the Dubai Tennis Stadium. It also promotes the city by sponsoring critical sporting events like the Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships.

What can be purchased Duty-Free in Dubai?

Regarding all the activities at Dubai International Airport, shopping at duty-free stores is a favourite for most people.

Here is a list that can help you plan your buying while at the airport if you’re contemplating what to purchase from the Dubai Duty-Free Shop.

Watches, Gift items, and Clocks

The Dubai Duty-Free offers a wide selection of timepieces and gift goods for those who are expressly looking for them. You may purchase trinkets like little Burj Khalifa miniatures, antique Arabic lamps, magnets, mugs, and even ornate hookah pipes as gifts for friends and family. The top brands available at Dubai Duty-Free to purchase as gifts are:

  • Crystocraft
  • Camel Caravan
  • Gifts From Dubai
  • Fay Lawson

Style, Fashion, and Beauty

You can find everything at Dubai Duty-Free, whether you need last-minute makeup, a scent you’ve wanted, or the ideal accessories to match your favourite outfits. They provide everything you need to keep on trend without worrying about paying additional tariffs and taxes and house some of the top names in women’s clothing, makeup, luggage, and skincare. The most famous beauty and fashion brands available at Dubai Duty-Free are:

  • Givenchy
  • Gucci
  • Estée Lauder
  • Dior
  • Lancôme
  • Aigner
  • Burberry
  • Coach
  • Clarins
  • NARS

Liquor and Tobacco

Tobacco products, including cigars and cigarettes, and alcohol, are two of the product categories that sell the most at the Dubai Duty-Free. The duty-free stores at Dubai International Airport carry the majority of customers’ favoured brands of alcohol and tobacco. These liquor and tobacco manufacturers from Dubai Duty-Free include:

  • Benson & Hedges
  • Absolut
  • Glenfiddich
  • Great & British
  • Dunhill
  • Davidoff
  • Johnny Walkers
  • Jack Daniels


A sizable selection of jewellery is also available at Dubai Duty-Free. You may find everything under one roof, including Aigner’s svelte and valuable designs, Pandora’s daring and alluring charms, and Swarovski’s brilliant glitz. You can look into various well-known brands at Dubai Duty-Free if you wish to purchase jewellery, such as:

  • Swarovski
  • Pandora
  • Frey Wille
  • Damiani
  • Liali

Chocolate and scented candles

The food selection at Dubai Duty-Free consists primarily of dates, almonds, cookies, and various chocolates for all occasions. Chocolates are the most excellent option if you’re looking for presents that are simple to transport from Dubai Duty-Free Shop. Everything is available here, from Lindt, Bateel, Patchi, and Godiva to Cadbury and Toblerone.

Technical Goods at Dubai Duty-Free

For technical products, Dubai Duty-Free outlets are particularly well-liked. People select this store to buy mobile phones, tablets, cameras, flash drives, drones, and other electronic accessories. In Dubai Duty-Free, you may also find an area devoted to electronics where you can buy shavers, trimmer trimmers, epilators for hair styling, and more.

  • Bose
  • Audiofly
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • GoPro


If you wish to purchase toys from the Dubai Duty-Free store, many options are available. You may get everything you need in this store, from dolls and soft toys to action figures, cars, and even items for imaginative play. Toys and other products are available from brands like:

  • Disney
  • Crayola
  • LEGO
  • Hasbro
  • Marvel
  • Explora

Although many items are available at Dubai Duty-Free, it’s crucial to confirm the country you’re going to has a duty-free policy. Dubai Duty-Free allowances vary from nation to nation and may alter according to each nation’s trade and economic policies.


At Dubai Duty-Free, are goods less expensive?

You won’t pay sales taxes or import fees when you shop duty-free. Dubai Duty-Free is situated in the international sections of seaports, borders, and airports. Additionally,  purchases can be made while flying.

What goods can I purchase at Dubai Duty-Free?

In terms of both size and revenue, Dubai Duty-Free is among the world’s largest airport shopping areas. Across all terminals, you can purchase anything, including jewellery, perfume, purses, cosmetics, leather products, and presents.

In Dubai, is it possible to shop duty-free?

The 24-hour Dubai Duty-Free is open for both arrivals and departures. Remember that duty-free merchandise is also offered on all Emirates.


Can you shop Dubai Duty Free on Arrival?

Ans – Passengers can now make purchases at our Duty-Free stores before their flights and pick them up when they land. You can also use this service to have your Duty-Free purchases from Arrivals delivered to you at the Departures terminal.

Can I transit through Dubai with duty free alcohol?

Ans – You can bring duty-free liquids purchased in Dubai on board with you as long as they are in a zippered, tamper-evident bag and the receipt is visible within the bag. The receipt needs to provide details about the date, the things bought, and the airport they were bought at.

Can you buy duty-free after Travelling?

Ans – Shops with duty-free goods target those who are “checking out.” You can only get your hands on duty-free goods when leaving or entering a nation. They are only available for export and must be removed from the country of purchase.