UAE Family Visa

The UAE Family Visa The process can be challenging if the correct channels and requirements are not followed, even though the prerequisites are quite straightforward. The UAE has given expats a variety of visas while taking into account the needs of each individual. 

A large portion of expatriates (or the working population in the UAE) live apart from their families, and the majority of them immigrate to the nation while still leaving their wives and kids at home. Sponsoring immediate family members, such as a wife and children, is available to expatriates (employers and employees) with a valid UAE resident visa.

Requirements for Sponsoring a Family Member for a UAE Visa

You must meet the following requirements to bring family members to the UAE:

  • Female expatriates must earn at least AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 monthly in addition to housing.
  • Male expatriates must make a minimum of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 per month, including housing.

Any adult family living in the UAE must also undergo a medical fitness examination at a clinic that has received government approval. They will undergo HIV and tuberculosis testing. Being in a same-sex relationship prevents you from sponsoring your spouse because the UAE does not recognize same-sex marriage.

Who is eligible to be sponsored for a UAE family visa?

A male expat can more easily sponsor his family members’ entry into the UAE than a female. Men who are in the UAE on a residence visa are permitted to bring the following family members into the country on a family visa:

Your wife: If you are a Muslim resident, you may sponsor two wives if you adhere to certain GDRFA requirements.

Your daughter: Only unmarried daughters are eligible for sponsorship.

Your son: Only sons who are 18 or younger may be sponsored. Even if the sons are older than 18, you can still sponsor them as long as they are still in school and under 21. Furthermore, if the sons are older than 18 and studying overseas, they must enter the UAE at least once every six months to avoid revoking their visas.

Your stepchildren: Obtaining a written No Objection Certificate from the biological parent will allow you to sponsor your stepchildren. Stepchildren are eligible for a one-year visa that can be renewed.

Your parents: If you match the requirements listed below, you may also sponsor your parents:

  • You must deposit AED 2,500 as a guarantee for each parent; be cautious to confirm this cost with the relevant immigration office since it may change.
  • You receive a monthly income of AED 20,000 or AED 19,000 in addition to a two-bedroom apartment.
  • Unless one parent has already passed away, you sponsor both parents.
  • You obtain health insurance for your parents.

What Jobs Qualify for a Family Visa in the UAE

As of 2019, no particular occupations are qualified to sponsor their family members for a UAE Family Visa. Any expat who earns the required wage may bring their family members to the UAE.

Required Documents for a Family Visa for the UAE

Documents required to support an application for a UAE Family Visa include the following:

  • Passport-size photos of the family member or members who are being sponsored
  • For any family member who is older than 18, a medical clearance certificate
  • Evidence of the sponsor’s recurring monthly income
  • The legally binding wedding certificate
  • Application for a UAE Visa
  • Passport copy of the family member being sponsored
  • A duplicate of the sponsor’s employment contract or business agreement
  • Most recent utility bill

How to Apply for a Family Visa in the UAE

The expatriate or his or her employer may sponsor a family visa for the United Arab Emirates. Within 60 days of acquiring your individual UAE Residence Visa as a foreign resident, you must apply for a UAE Family Visa.

Applying for the entry permit

You must submit an entry permit application to let your family members into the UAE before they come to join you. One of the following locations accepts applications for entrance permits for family members:

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

  • The mobile apps for Apple and Android
  • The ICA’s Chanel portal

Both online and in person at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, or GDRFA. If you wish to submit a physical application, you must do it at one of the Amer centres in Dubai or one of the GDRFA’s authorised typing centres in each Emirate.

  • The GDRFA Dubai mobile apps are available for Apple and Android users in the respective App Store and Play Store.

Applying for the UAE Family Visa

As a resident visa, the UAE Family Visa must be applied for on behalf of family members currently present in the nation with an entry permit. The offices of the relevant emirate’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) are where you may submit your family visa application.

Can a Woman Sponsor Her Family Members for a UAE Family Visa?

Sure, although there are stricter requirements for women than for men to sponsor their families to go to the UAE:

  • She must receive a monthly wage of at least AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 in addition to housing.
  • She cannot sponsor the children herself if her husband may do so in her place. The husband must be responsible.
  • Her husband and her kids are the family members she can sponsor.
  • She must be employed in engineering, teaching, or medicine (doctor, nurse, etc.)

What is the validity of a UAE family visa?

If renewed at least 30 days before expiration, a family visa for the UAE may be awarded for 1, 2, or 3 years. Family visas rely on the sponsor; as a result, they will likewise be null and void if the sponsor’s visa expires or is cancelled.

However, dependent family members have a 30-day grace period to check to determine if they can extend their residence visa.


Why do I require a family visa?

A family visa is necessary to bring family members into the UAE. You can sponsor your parents, spouse, and minor children with this visa. Most likely, if you have a job in the UAE, you can give your dependents visas.

How much does a family visa in the UAE require as a minimum salary?

If a male UAE citizen earns AED 3,000–4,000 per month and has housing in the country, he may sponsor family members such as his wife and children.

Can we hold family visas in the UAE?

If the sponsor transfers his or her visa to a different employer, family visas may be kept without cancellation if permitted by the necessary authorities. A family visa is not valid for holders outside of the UAE.

Can we convert our visit visas to family visas in the United Arab Emirates?

Visas for investors, partners, employers, families, and residents are subject to status modifications. To re-enter the UAE with a fresh visa, tourists on tourist visas must leave the UAE.

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