Dubai Visa on arrival

Indeed, you have correctly interpreted the sentence. The UAE city of Dubai now offers visas upon arrival. One of the most popular tourist spots for Indians is Dubai, a city that straddles the cutting edge of modern architecture and the ancient sands of the Arabian Peninsula.

UAE has leaned in this direction to increase the number of Indian tourists to enhance its ties with India. Even the most seasoned world visitors can be bewildered by the plethora of visa options and processes. Visa requirements might need to be clarified and easier to decipher.

The various visa-on-arrival options, how to extend your stay, and other frequently asked issues will all be addressed in this comprehensive guide to visiting Dubai. If a trip to Dubai is in your future, you should read this article first.

Precisely what is a “visa on arrival” in Dubai?

One of the most common inquiries concerns which nations can obtain a visa upon arrival in Dubai. No prior arrangement is necessary; service is available at Dubai International Airport. Following deplaning and any necessary biometric checks, the visa is confirmed at the immigration counter. The visa information will be added to the Amer and ICA systems once processing is complete.

Passes are restricted to citizens or passport holders of certain countries and are distributed at the airport upon arrival, skipping the need for waiting in line. Your nationality or passport type will determine the form of an on-arrival visa you can apply for. There are four kinds of on-arrival visas, three of which are free and one that requires payment. In total, four different on-arrival visas can be obtained through Dubai immigration.

Visas for stays of up to 30 days in Dubai can be obtained on arrival for free by citizens or travellers with passports from some countries. Passport holders from certain countries, including Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, German, Italy, etc., are eligible for a free 90-day visa upon arrival.

The Indian government offers a paid 14-day visa on arrival to citizens of India who obtain a valid green card/visit visa to the United States or a residence visa to the United Kingdom or the European Union. Citizens of India can obtain a Dubai visa upon arrival if they meet the UAE high commission’s conditions.

All the followings required into a current Indian passport:

You need a visa to enter the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Schengen Area.

  • Possession of a legal US Green Card
  • Have a current UK or EU residency visa.

How does transferring a visa from one airport to another work?

The term “A2A” is often used to describe this method. When ordering your A2A bundle, you’ll be able to select the airport that best suits your needs. Head to the immigration office to have your passport stamped as you prepare to leave the country. You must provide a picture of this stamp to the travel agency’s representative. Travel to Bahrain or Oman until your visa is finalised. You can activate your new visa by flying to Dubai or Sharjah.

If I leave and re-enter Dubai, will I need a new on-arrival visa?

This benefit is only available with some types of visas upon arrival. Visitors holding 30-day visas on arrival can leave the country and re-enter with a fresh, free visa in their passport. If they have gone for 6 months or more, they are eligible for a new free visa on arrival. Other forms of visas issued upon arrival are ineligible for this service. The immigration officials are the only ones who can decide whether to grant a visa upon arrival.

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa for a Limited Time

The visa is valid for admission into the UAE for up to 30 days after it has issued and for a total of 58 days. Multiple entries into Dubai are permitted throughout the visa’s validity period, but the visa cannot extended. It is important to note that once the multi-entry visa has used, it cannot cancelled.

Accounts and records:

Applicants who cannot demonstrate compliance based on their itinerary must submit either Form 16. At least Rs.2 lakh in annual gross revenue from any business, profession, or work held over the last two years or a similarly detailed Income Tax Return for the same period. Individuals may also submit proof of an Rs.5-million fixed deposit at a bank or post office.


When is the best time to submit my application for a Dubai visa if I am an Indian citizen?

It is possible to obtain a Dubai tourist visa 30 days before leaving India for a trip there. Should you decide at the last minute to travel to Dubai, you can take advantage of our Dubai express visa services to obtain a Dubai visitor’s visa from India in just 2 days.

Can I obtain a visa upon arriving in Dubai via the internet?

You cannot obtain this type of visa by remote means at this time. Dubai visas obtained at the immigration desk at Dubai International Airport, as the name suggests. After completing biometric procedures, the approved visa will issued in the AMER and ICA programs.

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