Things to do on a layover at Dubai Airport

With more than 70 million annual foreign visitors and connections to 260 sites in the East and West, Dubai Worldwide Airport (DXB) is undoubtedly one of the most important transportation hubs. One of the best airports for layovers is the airport, which has many shops, restaurants, and services (including spas, zen gardens, and sleeping pods). The activities available during a layover at Dubai Airport are listed below:

Shop at the Duty-Free  Stores

Shopping is among the most popular at Dubai International Airport while waiting for a flight. Duty-free shops abound at the airport and are available around the clock. In Terminal 3, top luxury labels like Gucci, Hermes, and Chanel provide clocks, bags, designer sunglasses, and watches.

Go to Tiffany & Co. in T1 to purchase lovely jewellery, china, or silver. You may also buy groceries and fresh produce at Carrefour (T1) and Spinney’s (T1). Additionally, you can purchase local products like chocolates or dry fruits to give as gifts to your friends and family.

Relax a bit in an airport lounge

Even if you aren’t flying First Class, spend your layover like one! Any traveller can visit many airport lounges in this country, regardless of airline or service class. A quieter, more comfortable environment, WiFi connections, and bathing facilities may make the admittance cost worthwhile. Save money by purchasing an access permit online or joining a lounge membership program. Our Dubai Airport Guide lists locations and amenities.

Eat at Dubai Airport 

You’ll undoubtedly find something delicious to eat among the many dining alternatives. Enjoy a leisurely sit-down lunch or make a few stops on a self-guided culinary tour. There are options for Middle Eastern, Indian, Thai, Italian, Irish, Tex-Mex, and Japanese food. Pret a Manger, Shake Shack, Pinkberry, Starbucks, and many other well-known Western restaurants may be nearby.

Unwind at the Premium Lounges

An upscale lounge is available at Dubai International Airport, but you can skip business class to take advantage of its amenities. Everything is available in the lounges, from specialised baristas to fresh juice bars.

Marhaba offers airport lounges at each of the three terminals for your usage. Wi-Fi, television, newspapers, magazines, and a flight status monitor are all available in the airport lounges.

You may unwind at the Emirates lounge, read the latest news, and enjoy flavours worldwide. When it’s time to take off, you can do so from one of their Concourse A Lounges.

Sleeping Pods

At Dubai International Airport, straighten your back before boarding the plane. Ignore the uncomfortable passenger seats. Instead, you can relax and sleep soundly in the Sleep N Fly Lounge. Concourse B at the DXB airport is where you’ll find this lounge. You may reserve this lounge.

Take a shower to rehydrate

If you’re paying to enter an airport lounge, seek one with a shower facility. If you’re paying to enter an airport lounge, seek one with a shower facility. The Health Club between Terminal 1 and 3 also offers a shower-only option.

Feel Comfortable at a Spa

Before your long-haul journey, there is no harm in visiting one of the Dubai airport spas to have a massage or that essential facial if you want to indulge in something novel and opulent. One of the most incredible things to do at Dubai Airport while waiting is to visit a spa. Be Relax, which offers a variety of wellness and cosmetic services, is located in Terminals 1 and 3. XpresSpa and Timeless Spa are more choices. They are both located at Terminal 3.


Use the free WiFi at the airport to stay in touch with loved ones, post to social media, or browse the internet. There are pay-to-use internet kiosks available for people who don’t have smartphones or computers.

Please visit the indoor gardens

Spend some time by yourself. The indoor retreat known as Zen Gardens is ideal for some alone time or meditation. It is located in Terminal 3 between Gates B7 and B27.

Fitness Club Check-In

This is ideal if you’re a fitness fanatic or interested in wellness. The Dubai International Hotel exercise centre may be reached via Terminals 1 and 3. In addition, the club has a gym, pool, jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna.



Both your nationality and the kind of visa you hold affect this. If you have the proper access, you can leave the airport and explore the area, especially if your vacation is lengthy. To transit through the airport, no visa is required.


Yes. Imagine that your travel time is prolonged by several hours. In this situation, you can make a reservation at one of the hotels close to Dubai International Airport, including Holiday Inn Express, Millennium Airport Hotel, and Jumeirah Creekside Hotel.

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