Dubai Tourist Sim Card Guide

Are you visiting or relocating to Dubai and want to know how quickly to obtain a sim card there? Getting a sim card for oneself is an easy process whether you’re a local or a visitor. You can purchase, activate, and use a sim card in Dubai using the information provided here.

How to get a sim card in Dubai for Tourist


Virgin Mobile, du, and Etisalat are the three primary sim card providers in Dubai from which you can select. Postpaid and prepaid mobile phone plans for calls, texts, and internet bundles are available from each service provider. These sim cards are offered at the Dubai Airport and many commercial areas in Dubai.

4G SIM Card Dubai Airport Pick-up

  • Pick-up Location: Dubai International Terminal (DXB)- Terminal 3 or Terminal 1
  • Area Covered by SIM Cards: UAE
  • Local Telecom Operator: Du or Etisalat
  • Validity: 28 Days
  • Service Type: Calls included
  • Internet Speed: 4G
  • Data Pack: 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, or 22.5 GB

Dubai 4G SIM Card:

Nothing is simple without a network, regardless of the nation or location you are in. Therefore, if you’re in Dubai, use Du, one of Dubai’s most dependable service providers, to get a quick and stable connection. Keep in touch with the outside world while using all the hassle-free Dubai internet services.

where to buy du sim card in dubai?

The Kitmytrip Counters on T3 and T1 will sell SIM cards.

Follow the arrow on the map below as you exit Terminal 3‘s Customs Exit. Approach the meeting spot by walking there. Towards the vehicle rental businesses, turn left. The kitmytrip shall be seen.

Walk towards the meeting location in Terminal 1 after leaving through Customs. The store, which is the fifth on your left and directly across from Costa Coffee, will be prominent. The kitmytrip shall be seen.

How to activate Du Sim Card Dubai

Du Sim Card Online Activation

Online activation is the third and final option for DU SIM card activation. Given that it is simpler and faster than the other two techniques, this is the most excellent choice for home customers. To online activate your DU SIM card, adhere to these steps:

  1. On the DU website, go to the Account Renewal page.
  1. To log in, enter your password and username if you use email. You can create an account using your DU phone number if you haven’t already.
  1. Enter your DU number, complete the ReCaptcha, then click “Renew Now” after logging in to the DU renewal page.
  1. Click “Continue” after entering the 4-digit pin you were sent through SMS.
  1. You will now be taken to the Emirates ID page, where you must enter your Emirates ID number, expiration date, and two images of your Emirates ID—one of the front and one of the rear.
  1. For the process to be finished, click the “Confirm” button. All done! You may get a confirmation SMS within 24 hours of your Du SIM card renewal or activation. You will receive the confirmation within minutes or hours.

Visit the ID Renewal page on the Du website to check the status of your Du SIM card if you have no control over it. To proceed, you must enter the reference number from the SMS that served as your confirmation, complete the reCaptcha, and click the “check status” button.

All the features and services on your DU SIM card can be used once activated. However, they only have a three-minute voice call time limit and either 20 MB or one gigabyte of data.

Best SIM Cards in Dubai

In Dubai, Emirati SIM cards can be purchased by anyone at least 18 years old. UAE only has two mobile network providers, Etisalat and Du, and Dubai is one of those cities. A local SIM card can be purchased here for as little as 55 AED ($15) or as much as 99 AED ($27). The UAE has the fastest mobile download speeds, at an average of 190 Mbps.


Regarding SIM cards, Du ranks second in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The carrier’s first target market was the population of migrant workers, who make up the majority of its customer base. Du has strong national coverage on 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks but has a patchy service in the desert. A Du eSIM may be purchased for the same price as a Du SIM, which starts at just 55 AED. The upgrading cost is 20 AED if you switch from a Du conventional SIM card to a Du eSIM.


In the UAE, Etisalat is the most extensive wireless provider. The renowned prize for having the fastest mobile network in the world in 2020 was also won by it. Numerous people believe the provider is the top mobile operator in the nation. Furthermore, Etisalat has operations across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. With the best network coverage in the UAE, the corporation utilises 2G, 3 G, 4G/LTE, and 5G networks. Unfortunately, only 2G or 3G might function in arid regions. Wasel Prepaid Line, an Etisalat SIM card, costs 55 AED and includes 1 GB of data that is usable for seven days after the initial recharge. It is crucial to remember that travellers and tourists will only receive Visitor Lines when connecting with this carrier rather than Wasel Prepaid Lines.

Swyp UAE

Etisalat youth brand Swyp caters to consumers aged 18-29. This MVNO uses Etisalat’s network infrastructure. The core plan, The Core, which costs 99 AED, is sold with SIM cards. Additionally, the needsSwyp program that enables add-on purchases is The Core.

Virgin Mobile UAE

Not only is Virgin Mobile UAE an MVNO that utilises Du’s network but Du also owns Virgin Mobile UAE. This is because Virgin Mobile’s mobile infrastructure does not cover the nation. Mexico, South America, the Middle East, and Europe are all countries where Virgin Mobile provides telecommunications services. 

A Virgin Mobile SIM card is free from official, authorised, or partner outlets. However, they may only be purchased in conjunction with a payment plan. To get a Virgin Mobile SIM card, you must pay at least 36.75 AED (plan price). The top-up vouchers are accessible through the Virgin Mobile UAE app, Virgin Mobile locations, and its partner outlets.

Emirates ID must be for new Etisalat du SIM cards

The Emirates identification card or passport must be presented when applying for a new SIM card, as the labour card or driving licence is no longer acceptable under new regulations from the UAE’s telecom regulators. According to a copy of the new rules obtained by Emirates 24|7, they were implemented on July 17. 

They applied to new SIM cards as well as the replacement of outdated cards by Etisalat or du. All mobile phone stores and other GSM handset outlets that sell Etisalat and du SIM cards were sent a copy of the rules.

In a recent announcement, TRA stated that SIM users had till last week to re-register their cards with Etisalat and du. It warned those who ignored the warning would have their phone services cut.

How much does a tourist SIM card cost in Dubai?

AED 139 Incl. All bundles are valid for 28 days. Unlimited data bundle is valid for 10 days.

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