UAE Citizens won’t need a visa to enter the UK from 2023

UAE citizens visa free travel to UK 2023

The United Arab Emirates has now been added to the list of countries eligible to utilize the UK’s new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, eliminating the visa requirement for UAE passport holders going to the UK starting in 2023. The significant announcement means that UAE nationals will no longer require a visa to visit the UK, bringing the rules in step with those of other crucial friends of the UK, like the USA and Canada. The decision would be extremely advantageous to the many UAE nationals who travel to the UK annually and further promote the UK as one of the most popular tourist destinations for Emiratis.

Giving the UAE better access to the UK will help improve the vital diplomatic and business ties between the two countries. The UAE is one of the UK’s major regional commercial partners and one of the fastest-growing export markets for the country. The Partnership for the Future and the Sovereign Investment Partnership, signed by the UAE and the UK last year, have improved their cooperation in various sectors, such as the switch to a sustainable energy source, environmental protection, educational reform, and cultural advancement.

UK entrance rules for citizens of the UAE

The Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) can be used in place of a visa if you are a resident of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates. An EVW is £30 in price.

You can visit the UK with an EVW for business, pleasure, education, or medical treatment for up to six months. If you’re traveling for another reason, investigate if you need a visa. You must apply between three months and the day of your departure.

To apply, you must have the following:

● Your present-day passport

● A UK address at which you will stay

● Travel information, including the dates and times of departure and arrival

EVW application

An email with a link to download your EVW will be sent within 24 hours. Present your EVW when visiting the UK. It is printable and may be viewed on a phone, tablet, or another electronic device.

The following activities are prohibited when using your EVW:

● Get married or register a civil partnership

● Work in the UK

● With your EVW, you can only enter the UK once. If you wish to reenter the UK, a new EVW or visa must be obtained.

When and how citizens of the UAE can apply

When ETA becomes accessible to UAE nationals, they must submit their full name, birth date, citizenship, and travel information. They must also supply a credit or debit card and email address to pay the cost. Everyone visiting the UK as part of a group must have their own ETA, even youngsters who may have their parents apply on their behalf. Before traveling to the UK, applicants must fully fill out the ETA form. The application procedure takes about 10-15 minutes to complete online. A response will be provided within 72 hours of the form being submitted for approval. In that case, applicants will get an email confirmation of their multiple entry visa waiver.

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