Fourteen-day multiple entry Visitors with a Dubai Visa can visit Dubai or other emirates several times within 14 days. Meetings for business, gatherings for the family, shopping, and sightseeing are all catered to. When 60 days have passed since the date of issuance, the visa is still valid.

What documentation is required for a 14-day Multiple Entry Dubai Visa?

The following are the primary paperwork requirements for a 14-day Multiple Entry Visa:

  • A passport copy is valid for six months after the intended departure date.
  • A passport-sized photo of the visa applicant.

For minors under the age of 13, a birth certificate is also required.

How can I submit a 14-day Multiple Entry Dubai Visa application?

An applicant should follow the actions listed below:

  1. The Dubai Visa Application Form tab will appear in the menu.
  1. Fill in the blanks with accurate information. A passport copy and colour photo should be uploaded. To add additional applicants, click the Add Another Applicant button. Next, select the tab for Application Submission.
  1. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or visa card, and you’ll receive an email confirmation when your application has been submitted.

A 14-day Multiple Entry Dubai Visa offers what kind of entry?

A traveller can enjoy frequent visits with this visa in their pocket. Nevertheless, such trips should be limited to a 14-day window starting from the day of first entry.

How long does a 14-day Multiple Entry Dubai Visa take to process?

Express Service is available to people who need a visa as quickly as possible and requires 24 to 72 working hours under Regular Service.

Points to be remembered

  • Insta Dubai Visa is unrelated to employment, employment in the UAE, or work.
  • Insta Dubai Visa is unrelated to employment, employment in the UAE, or work.
  • When travelling in Dubai, you need a printed copy of your visa.
  • For travel between emirates, GCC nationals must show their passport at the immigration desk.
  • Every region of the UAE appreciates the Dubai Visa.

Who qualifies for an Insta Dubai Visa?

  • 256 SSL encryption, the best encryption available, is used to secure the operation.
  • Processing that is quick and easy
  • Assistance is available 24/7 via chat, WhatsApp, phone, email, and Skype.
  • Apply tracking with reference number
  • Bare minimum paperwork
  • Full details on the registered email address
  • Almost unanimous support

5 years multiple entry visit visa

In the UAE, a 5-year visa with multiple entries for tourists was also proposed in early January 2020. With the nation preparing to hold Expo 2020 Dubai, one of the largest international events hosted by the United Arab Emirates, which seeks to open the doors for more than 21 million incoming visitors worldwide each year, it is a significant choice.

According to sources, information regarding the new, five-year-valid tourist visas for the UAE will soon be made public. Within the period of the visa’s five-year validity, this type of visa was designed to permit travellers to stay for up to six months at a single entry.

Explanation of On Arrival Multiple Entry

There are two varieties of on-arrival multiple entry visas and stamps for the UAE available at UAE airports:

90-day visit eligibility

If your country or territory is included in the list below, your passport will be stamped with a multiple-entry, 90-day visa. This visa is valid for six consecutive months from the date it was issued, and you are allowed to spend a total of 90 days. You can apply for a pre-arranged visit visa once the 90-day on-arrival multiple entry visa has been used up completely.

180-day visit eligibility

If you have a Mexican passport, you are eligible for a multiple entries, 180-day visit visa stamp from the UAE that can be obtained upon arrival. This visa is valid for 6 months after the issue date, and you are allowed a 180-day stay.

Application Detail’s

30 Day Single Entry Dubai Visa


What are the child multiple entry visa fees for Dubai?

No matter the applicant’s age, all visa costs in the UAE are the same for adults and children. As a result, each applicant pays the same amount for both single entry and multiple entry UAE visas. Nonetheless, in accordance with a Cabinet resolution made in July 2018, throughout the summer the UAE government provides discounts for children’s tourist visas.

Is the same visa extendable to those with repeated entries?

Yes, you can pay an extension fee and renew your visa through the sponsor for 30 days.

Do you need a visa with multiple entries for Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

Depending on how busy the system is at the time you apply for the visa. In general, both immigration departments grant visas quickly, and their rates are nearly identical. You can ask your visa sponsor for advice on where to apply for a visa based on your nationality.

Do I require travel protection in order to obtain a UAE multiple entry visa?

Normally, tourists applying for a UAE multiple-entry visa do so without purchasing travel insurance. But, at this time, because of the unexpected spread of the corona virus, UAE authorities have urged that this be done.

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